Week 5 Discussion Forum

Prepare: Review Chapters 9, 10, and 11 in the course text and any assigned additional learning material. In addition, carefully read Global environmental change and the nation state (Links to an external site.).


Reflect: The peer-review process is invaluable for scientific research. Political science and security scholarship, like any other scholarship, must be evaluated against the norms of research within the field of study. In particular, peer reviews can help researchers determine if their conclusions are valid and reliable, if the research design is sound and appropriate, if the analysis is complete, and if the conclusions are logically and theoretically linked. Peer review is the gatekeeping process that ensures that any political science or security research released to the public has the stamp of approval from experts in the field and that it contributes new knowledge to our profession.

In this exercise, you are asked to review a published paper, and this process should be beneficial from both an application and educational standpoint. You will utilize the peer-review process while you are learning more about how professional political science or security papers are structured and presented. For this discussion, you will review Global Environmental Change and the Nation State.