Week 5 Skill

An organization’s success is directly related to its ability to identify and develop leaders. One of the biggest failings of any organization is the failure to develop both current and future leaders. As you continue building your development plan for your organization, your focus this week will be on the leadership development that needs to occur in your organization.
This week, you will design a basic training and development intervention for leadership development that includes at least two different intervention methods. An intervention is a specific action or series of actions taken to address a specific problem that you have identified. 
Planning and Execution:
Review the information you have gathered and the analysis you have conducted. If necessary, do some more data gathering related to leadership development and a leadership succession pipeline.

What does your organization do to develop current leaders?
What does your organization do to develop future leaders (a leadership succession pipeline)?
What is needed to develop a comprehensive leadership development strategy (for both current and future leaders)?
What specific interventions will you use to start developing current leaders?
What specific interventions will you use to start building a leadership succession pipeline?
What is the time frame for rolling out the interventions?

Prepare a one to two page (500 to 1000 words, singlespaced) leadership development and succession interventions memo that addresses the following issues.

What is the organization you are working with (to remind your readers)?
What is the organization presently doing to develop current and future leaders?
What are the leadership development and leadership succession needs that should be addressed?
What are the interventions you will provide to enhance leadership development and succession?
Who will need to participate (at any level) in the training and development initiative?
When will the initiative take place?
What is the basic schedule for rolling out your initiative?


Review the 
You do not need to provide a title page.
Copy and paste your memo into the Discussion Area dialogue box
Cite any resources using APA even though the rest of the paper is in memo format rather than APA. 
Submit your response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned.