Week 6 Assignment: Marketing Strategy for GoodPart 1

To prepare for thisAssignment:

  • Refer to the guidelines for this exercise to choose a company. See Week 6 Assignment word document.
  • Use the Module 3 Assignment Template. 
  • Refer to the Week 6 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria.



Submit Part 1 of your designdocument, to include the following:

Part 1: Laying theFoundation for Persuasive Marketing Tactics (23 pages)

  • Examine the selected organization, its mission (and goals, if available), what products or services (or both) it offers, and its customer base, including any sub-groups that might currently apply.
  • Use your creative license to identify a positive-social-change-related outcome/goal for the organization that will be used as the basis for the social media marketing campaign. (In other words, in what way is the company trying to bring about positive social change, be a force for good, etc.?)
  • Synthesize the business opportunities and goals for the marketing campaign. (In other words, what is the expected/desired outcome?)
  • Describe the persuasive marketing tactics that will be used to execute your campaign strategy.
  • Analyze the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats that this opportunity presents for the company (SWOT).