Week 6 Community Health Intervention Project Proposal Assignment

Here is the instruction for this assignment

Based on your windshield survey and community health needs assessment, you will develop a plan and propose an intervention project to meet an identified need to improve your chosen community’s health outcomes. This will be submitted in an APA formatted paper with a title page, citations and references. 


This assignment will be evaluated out of 30 points, according to the Community Health Intervention Project Proposal Assignment rubric.


Step 1: Choose an Intervention

Choose from the interventions you wrote in the Week 4 Community Health Needs Assessment Assignment that you would like to develop further into a proposed project. 

Step 2: Research Your Intervention Idea 

Social Factors: Research your chosen community’s social factors that relate to the identified health need. Some of this information can be found at City-Data.com.

Literature: Locate research literature related to your chosen community health need and suggested intervention. 

State/Local Laws and Policies: Identify state and local laws and policies to support and empower the community in this endeavor. 

Health Indicators: Identify quality health indicators (found on the HealthyPeople2020 website) that measure outcomes of the intervention. HealthyPeople2020 can be accessed at the following link:  https://www.healthypeople.gov/

By relying on this research, and citing and referencing the research appropriately, you are enacting evidence-based practice. 

Step 3: Write Your Proposal

Focusing on one of the three levels of prevention (primary, secondary, tertiary) and your epidemiology knowledge, write a public health nursing project proposal paper. This paper should be a maximum length of 5 pages, not including the title page and references.  Your paper will:

·        Address major risk factors, health disparities, predisposing factors, and socioeconomic factors of the population you are working with. 

·        Outline your proposed project

·        Describe how you will measure its community health outcomes.

·        Provide statistics and data to convince readers that your project will work to improve the community health need you chose in your Community Health Need Assessment. This should be 2-3 sources and then the LHI from Healthy people and any laws, policies, or regulations that are related to the project. 

 Headings that could be used are Population, Project Proposal, Support for Project, and Conclusion.

Note: References are required and must be from scholarly sources and government websites. The paper and references must be in APA format.

Step 4: Submit Your Proposal

Submit your paper as a .doc, .docx or PDF file.

Note: The maximum length of this paper is five pages not including title and reference pages. 

Note: 1. I am attaching all the documents in one file, the last one says week 6 needs to rewrite. You did the same assignment for my friends and they got a good score, also u did mine too yesterday.

2. Here is additional feedback that she said:-

Due to this assignment not successfully scoring at 75% or above, it will need to be revised and resubmitted by Monday at 2359. Please read all feedback prior to the revision and reach out with any questions.

Turnitin 17% (ok). Some of your verbiages were flagged as plagiarism. Be sure that if using word-for-word from a source, you use it as a direct quote. Otherwise, paraphrase into your own words and continue to cite your source.