week 6: Welcome to the Centennial Square Restaurant

please do follwoing all tasks: 

you should follow the all instructions each steps 

-4. service recover   

To do:  Please come up with a list of things you can do in the restaurant to help improve this familys perception of Centennial Square Hotel. Remember what you have been told about the family: They are tired, hungry and frustrated. The kids are bored and grumpy. Their dinner has already been paid for by the Rooms division. What else can you do? Remember that service recovery does not necessarily have to cost the hotel money. List as many ideas as you can think of, and be sure to categorize them according to which ideas will cost the hotel money, and which ones are free.

You may create your list in any format you choose. 

1. performance discussion: https://e.centennialcollege.ca/d2l/le/content/764564/viewContent/9145354/View 

you will need to respond as if you speak in the video. 

3. do menu engnieering :  https://e.centennialcollege.ca/d2l/le/content/764564/viewContent/9145356/View

5. opentable manager training ( once it i availables, i will provide it ) 

6. create new  VIP amenities