Wells Fargo

You are theregional manager of a Wells Fargo branch, and the Wells Fargo HQ has noticedhow the branches in your region outperformed all the other regions in the nation.As a result, you have been selected to provide your insights for a trainingsession and prepare a report on leadership. The HQ is asking youto address the following five items in your report:

  • Top-level leaders of major business corporations like yourself receive some of the highest compensation packages in the workforce. Explain why business leaders are paid so much.
  • What have you observed personally to be helpful about a leader displaying a sense of humor?
  • If leadership ability is partially inherited, to what extent is it still worthwhile for a person without any family members who have held leadership positions to pursue a career as a high-level business leader?
  • Provide an example of a leader you have observed who appears to have good cognitive intelligence yet is lacking in practical intelligence.
  • How might being charismatic contribute to the effectiveness of the manager of entry such as those employed as bank tellers?

Write a report addressing all of the five items above.