What race isn’t

26Jan 2022 by

Read “Racial Formations” (I), “Derailing Rebellion: Inventing White Privilege” (I), “How Jews Became White” (I), and/or “What Race Isn’t: Teaching about Racism” (I). How do Buck, Brodkin, and Levins Morales illustrate what Omi and Winant are writing about? Write an essay focusing on two or three aspects of their pieces. How does Levins Morales discuss the shifting meaning of race? How does Buck integrate discussions of laws regarding race and “race mixing” into her analysis of the construction of whiteness? How does Levins Morales’ discussion of European Americans reinforce “whiteness” as a social construct? What does Brodkin say about the linkage of whiteness and middle classness? You can also use an article from Part VI and discuss how people from other ethnic groups undergo similar racializing processes.