When the spirit catches you and you fall down ch 12

For Outcomes Analysis 3 I want you to focus on Chapter 12 of the Fadiman text. This chapter explores many of the core concepts presented by Spector in her text. Remember, one of the goals of the Outcome Analysis assignments is discuss how answering the questions relate to specific course outcomes in the syllabus. While you could probably bring in all of the outcomes listed, the 2,4,5, and 7 are probably the ones most closely linked to this assignment. This assignment is worth 20 points. Late write-ups will be accepted with a valid excuse, but 5 points will be subtracted from the grade.

You should write at least one paragraph for each question. For each question, include information from both texts, your original ideas, and a discussion of how one or more of the course outcomes relates to that question.

1. Articulate and integrate the importance of cultural and linguistic competency in the delivery of health care to a diverse population. (1,2,3,5) 2. Analyze how sociocultural and historical phenomena affect health and illness. (1,3,4,5)3. Examine and redefine the concepts of illness and health. (1,3,5) 4. Differentiate the multiple relationships between health and illness. (1,3,5) 5. Explain factors involved in how cultural phenonena affect health and healthcare. (1,3,5) 6. Describe the culture of mainstream healthcare providers (biological basis of health and illness). (1,3,5) 7. Identify cultural and economic barriers to health care. (1,3,5) 8. Assess individual personal and cultural histories for factors that influence patient care. (1,3,4,5)


Chapter 12 (Flight) provides a pretty good description what, even today, many immigrants and refugees experience when they first arrive in our country.  How might these experiences effect issues of health and health care when they arrive to this country?  How might it effect their assimilation into our culture?