White Technical Paper on Software Architecture Topic

Create a white paper (could also be seen as the content of a technical blog post) covering a
software architecture topic. A list of topic is given later in this document. From this list, you
should select the topic you prefer.
A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a
complex issue and presents the issuing body’s (author) philosophy on the matter. It is meant to
help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, and/or make a decision [wikipedia]. The
white paper should present technical detail to a reader, both novice and experienced, who is
interested in the topic.
Outcomes: This assignment will assess the student’s ability to: 1. Explain architectural
concepts and rationale, 2. Compare and contrast competing technologies or design decisions,
and 3. Critically assess new/existing technology.
Your white paper should educate the reader on your chosen architectural topic. Readers
include but not limited to the following: developers, testers, UI/UX designers, product owners,
business analysts, and project managers.
Your white paper must include a technical description of the technology and how a
development team would proceed with the implementation of this technology. This technical
description should include diagrams / models used to describe approaches, sample source code
snippets (if any), technical references to supporting case studies, interpreted data (graphs,
charts) etc. The white paper should be written in prose and not merely as a bulleted response to
the content areas. You are required to use graphics (figures, tables, images) to visually enhance
the paper. You must use proper citations indicating your sources. The content evaluation areas
are listed below:
 Does the author understand the technology, how to properly apply it, and its benefits /
 Comparison with competing / existing alternatives (tradeoffs, contrasts)
 Stakeholder concerns addressed – at least 2 stakeholders
 Describe competing stakeholder concerns and how you will adjust your approach to
address them
 Cost / effort required vs proposed benefit of adoption
 Risks, challenges an organization may face while incorporating the architectural
concept (or technology) Workflow – how to integrate, prerequisites, what happens after approach / technique is
applied (post conditions)
 References / Case studies pointing to others’ successes with this technology
 The white paper should include figures, tables, images, and other visuals to convey your
 The white paper must be at least of 2000 words.
 You must cite references.
 Assume that your job is to convince your management of your expertise on the topic
and their need to adopt the technology / principles that you recommend by creating a
professional, persuasive document.
 The target audience is both technical and non-technical personnel. Technical peers will
also review and weigh in on the decision. Some peers may be novices in the technical
area you are describing.
 Source Code (if any) / Figures / Tables are not used in word count (only prose)