Why Care About the Planet?

Please respond to the following questions by giving detailed answers and using evidence/examples from the reading attached to support your comments. 

1.    On page 292 – a) Who is Naomi Klein?
b) What is her stance on climate change? Explain. (2pts)

2.    On page 292 – a) Who is Dan Crenshaw?
b) What is his stance on climate change? Explain. (2pts)

3.    On page 294, what expectations do you have from the reading based on the article title We Are the Wildfire How to Fight the Climate Crisis? Explain. (2pts)

4.    What are two things you learn about Climate Change from the reading?  (3pts)

5.    What evidence does Klein provide to support the arguments she makes about climate change? (Include 2-3 examples of evidence from the reading) (2pts)

6. Do you tune out the messages about the state of the planet as background noise? Explain? [i.e., Do you get the impression that scientists are exaggerating or explaining an urgent/legitimate threat to the planet]? (2pts)