Why do Employees Click on Phishing Emails

Students will use one or more underlying principles or frameworks from the annotated bibliology and emerging theories to analyze a real (preferred) or notational information technology company or organization. Also, students are strongly encouraged, where relevant, to incorporate the use of trending technology and tools in this report. For example, students can analyze the relevant company data and present the trends visually. Students also recommend a decision towards a strategic advantage. 

The paper should cover the following areas at a minimum:

Theory and its definitions
Identification and description of the underlying principles and/or framework
Recreations (not the provision of the picture of the model) of the model, if applicable.
Application of the model to an organization
The organization’s rationality in employing the theory
The result of the application
Advantages and disadvantages of the application
Discussion on whether the application is scalable and to what extent
Evidence (provide example) that theory is gaining support and why