Why Systems of Education Are Important

10-page paper (doc or docx file) written in APA style using 12-pt font and is double spaced. The paper should include a properly formatted title page, Running head, and Headers.


This final essay is meant to be the result of a cumulative learning process. As such this essay should take advantage of the materials reviewed for Ed 301, related disciplines, and professional experiences.

1. Please identify the educational system that you want to analyze. For example: Do you want to reflect on a particular institution such as the training program of corporation; a specific law about education; an existing education or training program or an idea that you have for creating a new system. Some of the aspects that you could consider are:

a) What are the values guiding the educational system that you are proposing to develop and/or analyzing?

b) Who will benefit from this educational system?

c) Who will function as the educators?

d) What are the outlines of the structure of the educational system that you are proposing and/or analyzing?

2. In this essay it will be important that you support your analysis with well-thought arguments, complemented with justifications in the form of relevant references and citations.

3. In this essay it is very important that you include relevant concepts supported with adequate examples from the materials explored in class or that your discovered in your research. In all cases, use APA formatting

4. This essay needs to show that you understand the ideas and concepts explored during the course. Very important, understanding the ideas is not the same as agreeing with all the authors and perspectives explored. In this final essay you can explain and provide support to alternative perspectives