Why Teachers Should Use PODCASTING

I am working on a research project and my theme is why teachers should start podcasting.  I will be giving a presentation to my peers on why they should bring this tool into their high school classrooms.  I need to create an annotated biblography.  A list below has been created to help steer you in the direction I am heading with my project.  The biblography rubric is attached as well as the instructions.  Each source needs a 4-5 sentece summary.  Please be sure to follow the rubric.  

Find journals and/or articles related to the effect COVID has put on the classroom regarding student grades.  I want to show statistics and charts that prove grades are suffering.  

Then look for journals and/or articles related to impacts of repetition and the learning influence repetition has on the classroom.  

Finally, I will be seeking journals and/or articles on PODCAST in the classroom, look for the good and the bad.  Success stories and horror stories, I am hoping for more success than bad.  

Also look for journals and/or articles that pertain to technology in the classroom, the good the bad and the ugly. I will be focusing on ways to avoid the bad and ugly.