Why Victims go back to Domestic Violence

School of Social WorkSWK 370: Writing and Technology in Social WorkFall 2020Literature Review PaperGuideline and Rubric(100 points)GENERAL DESCRIPTION:This review provides background information about your topic it summarizes what you knowabout the subject and critically analyzes prior research on the topic. This review clarifies yourunderstanding of the problem and provides a context for your proposed research. Rememberto write in third person.Write a literature review paper using at least 10 reliable sources (6 SCHOLARLY journal articles,2 webpages, 2 book) not older than 10 years. Stay within the range of 1,600 to 1,800-wordcount (Note: does not include the cover and reference pages). Be sure to include studies thataddress the major concepts of the specific social issue/problem/need. Organize the body of thepaper by KEY TOPICS related to the social issue studied NOT by author/article; this is not anannotated bibliography. Content across sources of information should be synthesized(compared and integrated).CONTENT OUTLINE:I. IntroductionII. BodyIII. ConclusionNote: Use headings and sub-headings

 Student: ____________________________Criteria Value/PointsWrote a strong introduction. Specified the phenomena using objective andsubjective data; included the thesis statement; explained the purpose andimportance to study and learn about the phenomena, and presented thespecific areas/content addressed in the body of the manuscript. (2 points each)10Summarized what is known about the phenomena studied, including howwidespread; its characteristics; its causes; and consequences based on sourcesof information.25Identified previous research and other relevant information: Discuss and evaluate the literature you have selected. Showed logical and related links between previous studies and thephenomena you are trying to understand through this literature review. Presented diverse and different points of view on the phenomena.25Wrote a strong conclusion. Reinstated the thesis statement (2p.); synthesizethe review of literature covered (4p.), identify gaps of information in theliterature and suggest focus of a future studies (4p.). (Note: You may includepotential research questions.)10Followed APA style to organize and format the paper: Cover page 1p. Line spacing 1p. Headings and sub-headings (organized paper around key topics relatedto the subject of study) 2p. Header 1p. Page numbers 1p. References 3p. Appendices (if applicable) 0p. Saved document in Word format (not in PDF) and uploaded the paperon BrightSpace as: Last Name_First Name_Literature Review Paper 1p.10Wrote clear and concisely using correct grammar, spelling, acronymspunctuations and academic tone: Used proper sentence structure and length with correct punctuation,especially commas and apostrophes Used good paragraphs with thesis sentences; appropriate paragraphlength; transitions to connect paragraphs Made thoughtful transitions creating a sense of understandability of thepaper (interconnection and flow of ideas) Writing is free of typos and Avoided colloquial expressions Avoided bias language Stayed within the range of 1,600 to 1,800 word count (do not include inthe word count: cover, appendices or reference pages)10Credited at least 10 relevant and reliable sources of information adequatelyusing APA style and format The sources were relevant, reliable and up to date (10 years old or less) Paraphrased and quoted adequately; however, not over quoting. Cited the sources correctly and used different citing structures.10Total