Why we should resist an unjust government

Each student will compose a 5-7 page persuasive essay that addresses one of the readings on either powerand obedience or individualism and non-conformity.  Pick a specificargument with which you strongly agree or disagree and explain the reasons for your agreement ordisagreement. As an alternative approach, you might select a particular argument that you would like toqualify or amplify. Either way, be sure to give proper credit to any ideas and content that are not original toyou.  Your aim should be to persuade your readers toconvince them to adopt a particular view. 

I chose individualism– why we should and are able to resist an unjust government
talk about how it is our right as free Americans to do so
you can get religious and speak about god (1st source)

must include counter-argument woven throughout

Use these sources to support the argument:

A Discourse Concerning Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to the Higher Powers