WK3 – MGT 240

 Completea cover page, introduction and reference page. You must include three references. You MUST use APA guidance.
The manufacturing planning and control (MPC) system is dividedinto five major levels.  Each of these levels was discussed in detailthroughout the course.  In your own words, write an essay that effectivelydescribes the following:

The purpose of each of the five major levels
The planning horizon at each level
The level of detail about the products at each level
The planning cycle at each level
The key inputs and outputs at each level
Priorities at each level
Resources planned at each level
Resolving differences between priorities and capacity at each level
How continuous improvement efforts and quality management can impact each level

Through writing thisessay you will be required to demonstrate knowledge of how to relate operationsmanagement concepts learned in the course to the topic, how to conductresearch, and how to properly cite sources using APA formatting guidelines. You will be responsible for usinga minimum of 2 scholarly/peer-reviewed sources.