women’s Suffrage

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 The National AmericanWoman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) was an organization that formed at thebeginning of the Progressive Era through the merger of two independent groupsworking to advance the rights of American women, such as the right to vote.Other organizations, such as the Niagara Movement and the National Associationfor the Advancement of Colored People (the NAACP, which ended up absorbing manymembers of the Niagara Movement) fought for civil rights and equal protectionfor African Americans. Please evaluate the following primary sources: theDeclaration of Rights of the Women of the United States issued by the NationalWoman Suffrage Association, the flyer distributed by the NAWSA, and theDeclaration of Principles of the Niagara Movement.
How are the values and ideals of progressivism manifestedand expressed in these three documents?
What are some of the problems with American society that theauthors of these documents identify, and what are some of the demandedsolutions? PLEASE BE SPECIFICidentify specific passages and explain how theysupport your answer.
Your answer should follow the guidelines for a short essayas described in the History Skills site. (Links to an external site.) Youshould also consult the Course Resources page to practice incorporating sourcesinto your essay and interpreting them within their historical context.

Your essay should be 500-600 words, so you should be clear,concise, yet provide specific connections between the primary sources, payingattention to the significance and historical context.  

link provided to book. needs to have 1 reference from this book