World History after the 1600s

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Each answer is to be 10 complete sentences in length. Make sure each sentence is complete, with a subject and a verb. One source per question. Question 4 has the source already.

1. Discuss the differences and similarities of two revolutions after the 1600s in 10 complete sentences.
2. The Mughal, Safavid and Ottoman Empires had many similarities. Name one similarity, other than religion, these empires shared.
3. Explain the impact the Great Depression had worldwide.
4. Examine the following source and explain Lewis assessment on the areas he discusses. Cite the source.
5. The Cold War shaped the world in the 20th Century. In this question, you will have a few questions to answer. Answer the following 3 questions in a total of 10 complete sentences.
What was the Cold War? Who were the players? What effect did it have on history?