World Lit I

In The Inferno, Dante depicts an allegorical journey through Hell. For this week’s discussion, begin by choosing one circle of Hell (listed further below) that describes a specific type of sinner. (Remember, you weren’t necessarily assigned the specific reading in Dante for some of these circles, but you should still have a general awareness of them from reading/viewing this week’s online learning resources). 

In your main response, briefly describe the specific punishment in your chosen circle, then address at least two of the following:

    • Assess the punishment (in other words, do you feel it just or unjust)
    • What role might the geography of hell serve for that particular sin?
    • What purpose does the punishment serve? How does the punishment relate to the sin that was committed?
    • If you consider the punishment unjust or inappropriate, what might be a more fitting punishment? (Be precise, but remain professional!)
    • Identify some of the specific technical aspects of Dante’s poetry that you find notable in your chosen section. You might consider how it compares or contrasts to poetry read earlier in the quarter. 

First Circle: Limbo (Canto IV)

Second Circle: Lust (Canto V)

Third Circle: Gluttony (Canto VI)

Fourth Circle: Greed (Canto VII)

Fifth Circle: Wrath (Canto VIII-IX)

Sixth Circle: Heresy (Canto X-XI)

Seventh Circle: Violence (Canto XII-XVI)

Eighth Circle: Fraud (Canto XVIII-XXXI)

Ninth Circle: Treachery (Canto XXXII-XXXIV)

Task 1: Submit your main response to the discussion forum prompt on or before the required date/time by clicking the ‘**REPLY HERE**’ link. Your main response should be substantive, addressing each required part of the forum prompt. Your main response should be at least 150 words.