World of Music (MUS327) – Homework questions, must use textbook

2 discussion questions MUST USE textbook chapters 1 and 11 
TEXTBOOK: Worlds of Music shorter version 4th Edition by Jeff Todd Titon
these are being posted as seperate questions so seperate pages and reference after each question is needed at least 225 words each

1. What is Music?
Among all the birds native to North America, the hermit thrush has a beautiful chirping. The hermit thrush’s chirping sounds like a vocalization (phrase) and then a pause, then another vocalization and pause, and so on. If you listen closely, you also hear that a thrush can produce more than one tone at once, a kind of two-tone harmony. Watch this video attentively for a couple of minutes: Hermit Thrush Singing to understand this harmony and then answer the following questions: 

Is this music or a bird song music? Why or why not?

2. Familiar Vs. Unfamiliar Music
After you complete the readings for this week, watch the following videos:

I Love My Haters by Rufus Blaq
Toosie Slide by Drake

Make the effort to listen to the entire song, whether this music is your kind of music or not. Then, answer these questions:

What do various music-cultures within North America think of hip-hop (or some other music that you are familiar with)? In other words, what are some of their ideas about this music? 

Is it music? Is it good and useful or potentially harmful? 
Is it pleasing and beautiful? 
Is it false or true? 

When are the appropriate and inappropriate times for this music? 

How is it supported? 
Does it have a history? 
What is considered authentic within this music? 
What is considered a sell-out?

Why is it important to keep an open mind when listening to unfamiliar music?