World War I

Though originating in Europe, World War I was a global conflict involving over thirty nations and fought on a geographical scale never seen before. Most notably, the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, served as a major battlefield.  

Discuss the military and diplomatic efforts undertaken in this region as innocent civilians faced the dangers of total war.  

Meanwhile, on the Western Front, continued stalemate nearly unraveled the Allied cause. Explain how upheaval and uncertainty on the Western Front in 1917 turned into victory for the Allies by 1918. When the war came to an end in November 1918, various peace proposals had already materialized. Discuss these early efforts to reach a peace settlement and the debate that raged over the eventual peace treaty, the Treaty of Versailles. Did the peace endure?  

What happened to the League of Nations?  

What transpired in Germany in the postwar era?