Write a 2­­-3 page (500-750 words) paper that focuses on your key issue. You sho-Order now from essaywritingagents.com

Write a 2­­-3 page (500-750 words) paper that focuses on your key issue. You sho-Order now from essaywritingagents.com
Write a 2­­-3 page (500-750 words) paper that focuses on your key issue. You should summarize your issue, including the debate that exists surrounding that issue, and weigh in with an informed opinion. Be sure to refer to at least five peer reviewed journals (books are great sources and you should use them, but NB that they’re not peer reviewed).Chose ONE of the following possible topics:In what ways has electroshock been misused? (you definitely want to consider the lived experiences of those who have gone through electroshock). Why do we use the refusal term “shock and not “ECT” (it’s really the same reason all refusal terms are used–what is it they’re refusing)?–see pg 83 of your text; ORWhat makes drugging of children especially problematic? Why do we use the refusal term “drugging” and not “medicating”? Hint: it has to do with legitimacy–see pg 83 of your text. There are many ostensible reasons that children are made to take psychiatric drugs. You can talk about any of them except the label ADHD. Students don’t seem to be aware that there are any psychiatric labels for kids other than ADHD so it’s a really overused topic–so don’t pick that one; ORHow has the DSM-5 contributed to the proliferation of psychiatric labels?; ORWhat are the ethical concerns around Community Treatment Orders?APA is essential and will cover many questions like what font to use, and if the paper should be double spaced. Just a few recommendations from APA: you need a page number in the top right corner; your paper’s title should be in Title Case on the first page of text; your list of references at the end should be titled References and should perfectly match your in-text citations. There are other requirements too. If you are unfamiliar with APA then please consult the reference manual at your local university’s reference section or the APA website. There are also a number of other websites that you may find with your favourite search engine. You’re more than welcome to check out these sample papers–use the student ones not the professional ones (NB, you don’t need an abstract for this paper).The paper will be marked on this writing rubric as well as the quality of your thesis, the quality of the support for your arguments, adherence to guidelines, and your ability to incorporate crucial course concepts into your paper.A+, A papers are well written, e.g., grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence construction, paragraph construction (e.g., topic sentences), overall organization of the essay. Words are chosen–sentences and paragraphs are constructed–with precision and clarity in mind. These papers use the concepts discussed in the course and will often have an original or innovative approach to the topic. It’s not required that they agree with the course philosophy; but they must demonstrate that they understand it–and why (and in what ways) they agree or disagree. They follow all directions including page length, APA, and the inclusion of the required number of peer reviewed sources.NB, if you want to NOT get an A on your paper, you should use the Medical Terms outlined on page 83 of your textbook. If you’d like to be considered for a higher grade, you should stick with the Refusal Terms on that same page. Note, using the refusal terms doesn’t guarantee you a higher grade–especially if you’re just parroting them, suggesting that you don’t really understand why these terms are preferred. Sometimes students object to using refusal terms because they have no objections to the medical model. Since the entire course hinges on an understanding of how “mental illness” is socially constructed, I ask that you suspend your disbelief and use refusal terms appropriately in the paper; if you disagree you’re welcome to do so in the discussion. For this assignment I really want to see if you understand how refusal terms are used to reframe what the medical establishment calls “mental illness” into an alternative conception of a state of mind that MAY be painful (but not always) and is certainly socially unacceptable (especially by dominant groups and people).All papers should be academic in nature, i.e., have appropriate source material that is referenced according to APA guidelines. First, regarding source material and how to direct your paper, there are a few dos and don’ts.Do use books and peer reviewed journal articles (remember you need at least five peer reviewed journal articles). If you don’t know how to find these sources please ask the librarian and she or he can help you. I’ve tried to incorporate some resources.Although it’s not strictly forbidden don’t use material from websites, the dictionary, or the encyclopedia. We’re in university now and those sources are really more appropriate for the high school level. Also, don’t cite the lectures. Much of the material from the lectures comes from source material–look for the originals whenever possible.Feel free to use the textbook (keeping in mind that the textbook, like all books, is not peer reviewed) but do go above and beyond your textbook for material. You will definitely have to go to a library.Do you know what constitutes a good thesis? You may not. Have a look here. I find a good theses are often counter-intuitive. It states something the reader might not expect and uses the rest of the paper to support the statement. You should also be considering counter-arguments to your thesis and respond to them in your paper.Don’t quote without using quotation marks. Remember you can’t just take a block of text change a few words and then claim that those are your words. You must use quotation marks when you’re using someone else’s words. Even if you attribute the source, if you use someone else’s words without quotation marks you are plagiarizing. As a very general rule: if you are saying something that isn’t obvious or commonly accepted and isn’t the result of your own thinking or research—it needs to be cited (see the section below on Academic Integrity).In addition to source material, “A” papers are expected to have original thought in either synthesis or analysis of material. These are your own original thoughts on your topic. Furthermore, papers should be well written. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling all allow your reader to understand your meaning. I can’t grade a paper for its content if I haven’t a clue what the student is trying to get at because the paper is poorly organized/written. This is why writing is at the top of the list when I go through the rubric for grading.
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