write a detailed review on an play

You are being asked to view the full length theater production, School Girls: or the African Mean Girls Play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVGf-U-rHLI and then write a review. Your opinion is your own, but should be supported with key terms from class. This is a formal writing assignment. As such I’ll be looking for:

Proper spelling and language usage
12 point, times new roman font, double spaced, MLA format (please include a works cited page if you use supporting research)
Clear introduction, body, and conclusion
A clear understanding of the contributions different collaborators are in charge of. i.e. noting that there is a difference between a character’s choice and an actor’s choice, etc. You can look up the names of collaborators involved in the show here: https://mcctheater.org/tix/school-girls-or-the-african-mean-girls-play/ (Scroll down to Cast and Creative for the names of the actors and their characters names and the names and roles of the production staff)
These should be 1.5-3pages long – no more, no less.  there should be no plag i have a checker and i will know, i will provid you the link to the play .