Write a story in third-person point-of-view.

Write a short story in third person point of view.
1800 2000 words, double spaced.
Pay attention to such aspects of fiction as: details, prose style, characterization, setting, dialogue,
structure and conflict.
Also, after you finish your first draft, pay attention to the type of third person POV you are using. Is
it consistent (either omniscient, limited omniscient, or objective)?
Use correct dialogue formatting and punctuation. Refer to the published stories in the texts for good
examples of traditional dialogue layout. Indent first line; new paragraph for each new speaker; pay
attention to punctuation.
Verb Tense:
Also, check your verb tense. Is it consistent? If the story starts in present tense, for example, does it
stay in that tense (unless it’s flashing back to an earlier time frame)? Check phrase to phrase,
sentence to sentence.
Once again, your subject matter is up to you, as long as you follow the guidelines that are listed on
page 1 of this document.
When you are finished the final draft, ask yourself what’s essential. Take a look at the beginning and
end of the story. Do you need the first and last paragraph(s)?