Write UPs Analysis

please follow the instructions below:

Write UPs Analysis
Topic: Principles of Statistical Thinking and How It’s Applied in Business (or a specific industry/function of interest, i.e. health, policing, sports, etc..)
This Write UPs Analysis short paper is an opportunity to research the analytical topic listed above. You must use your textbook as one of the references for this paper with at least one other resource. The topic is broad enough that you can dig into the library literature and find more in-depth information around the high level topic, and more specifically, an angle that interests you. When searching a topic in the library, look at ‘keywords’ that could lead to more specific information. ‘Searching’ for your angle is just as important as writing it. I would expect that you should spend at least an hour searching for specific information and find a few articles that compare/contrast your angle. A good research paper will find ways to compare/contrast the literature and look at things from more than one perspective. Happy researching!
The paper should be in research format: Introduction (to the topic), the body of the paper, followed by the conclusion.
You must include a cover page and a references page – all APA style. Please see the following link for an example of an APA research paper and resource for APA in-text citations, references and overall writing style: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/apa_sample_paper.html . 
At a minimum, the following guidelines must be followed:

3rd person writing is required, no personal opinions allowed. (Refrain from 1st person I, you, we language).

Paraphrasing the literature is required.

Page numbers and running heads are required.

Since this is a ‘short’ paper. Abstract and Table of Contents is not required. 

2 pages; not including cover and references pages.

2-4 scholarly references required.