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1) Submit to Discussion 5 a post of at least 300 words discussing one of the following topics. The first focuses on technologies, the second on concepts, and the third on people.

1) In the lectures, slides, and materials this week, we discuss a dizzying array of technologies that enabled computing and networking as we know it to develop. Select one of the technologies (ENIAC, magnetic tape, a particular computer chip, quantum computing, etc.) and do a bit of research about it. Explain to your colleagues why this device advanced computing and what was important/interesting about it. Please link to your sources and provide quotations, along with references, for ideas and quotations you take from someone else.

2) In the lectures, slides, and materials this week, I identified concepts that enabled computing and networking as we know it to develop. Select one of the concepts (distributed networking, packet switching, digital signals compared to analog signals, etc.) and do a bit of research about the concept. Explain to your colleagues why this concept advanced computing & networking and what was important/interesting about it. Please link to your sources and provide quotations, along with references, for ideas and quotations you take from someone else.

3) In the initial slide of the Computing lecture, I included an image of two people working with ENIAC, one woman and one man. This choice was not an accident. I do this to raise awareness to the fact that there was diversity in early computing, especially due to the role of women as “computers” during World War Two. Take this opportunity to investigate the role of women in computing (for example, women and ENIAC) or early black computer programmers (after all, it is Black History Month in the United States) and explain to us how women, black computer programmers, or people from another group of interest to you were involved in early computing or networking. Please link to your sources and provide quotations, along with references, for ideas and quotations you take from someone else.

2) I am giving 2 paragraph below and please response to one by one with your thought 150 word each

1)The technology that I had chosen is Quantum Computing. I did my research by finding some articles about this technology and how it has impacted the world for the better. The first article I found is called Four Ways Quantum Computing Could Change The World, Which is created by Forbes. In this article, the reader will learn how Quantum Computing will help change the world for the better throughout the years. One of four great facts I found from this article was that Quantum Computing can help develop more solutions to health problems that scientists couldn’t quite solve yet. “With their extremely high processing power, these machines will be able to simultaneously review multiple molecules, proteins and chemicals through quantum simulation something currently unachievable with a standard computer allowing drug options to be developed faster and more effectively than today”(Kaafarani 2). The next great fact that I found was about how Quantum Computing can actually help the finance sector by not only having a faster trading possibility but also by having better transactions and data speeds. “Banks such as IBM and JPMorgan Chase have been experimenting with quantum technology

 (Links to an external site.) to gauge the specific actions it will be capable of performing on a wide scale in the near future”(Kaafarani 2). A really great thing the author pointed out is that Quantum Computing can help climate change, he states that through quantum simulation there is an instrument that would help the United Nations countries meet the Sustainable Development Goals. “For example, quantum computers may be able to accelerate the discovery of new CO2 catalysts that would ensure efficient carbon dioxide recycling whilst producing useful gasses such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide”(Kaafarani 3). The final fact that I found from this article about Quantum Computing was about how this technology can help Cyber and information security. One great thing the author explains is how quantum computers will bring many benefits for example when it comes to public key encryptions it will be safer and easier for users to use. “For information security, quantum computers will have the power to break through the public-key encryption widely relied upon today to protect the information, meaning that data, no matter how secure it may be right now, could be vulnerable to future attack”(Kaafarani 3).

Another great article I found that talked about Quantum Computing is called, How will quantum computing change the world? This article was made by river lane and in this article, I learned how Quantum Computing can help shift over from fossil fuels to battery-powered vehicles. ” Sales of new petrol and diesel cars will end in the UK in 2030, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and shifting the focus to electric mobility”(Camps 1). Another interesting thing the author talked about was how in the next upcoming decades the earth population will tremendously increase and that because of Quantum Computing we can help make safer and more sustainable crops for the earth. “Quantum computers could be used to enable a deeper understanding of how ammonia is naturally produced in plants. If this process can be simulated it would enable a safer and more sustainable way to fertilize crops”(Camps 2). 

Overall My main Focus was on how Quantum computing and how it will impact technologies around the world and the people living on earth. So I had really picked Number 1. You may understand when you read through the discussion, but I think it is important that we have more Quantum computing available because it can really change the world as we know it. As you can read in the discussion I talked about how climate change is one of the really big problems and that having a quantum computing system will help increase a better living situation for everyone, but also help reproduce better crops and materials that will supply more nutrients for the earth.



This is the second you should answer

2)While magnetic tape has a been around for over a half a century and may be considered old. The technology is proving crucial to keeping up with the worlds demand of data. The world is producing more and more data every second and it needs to be stored somewhere. Hard drives and solid-state drives while fast and effective can take up a lot of room. That is where magnetic tape comes in, IBM recently invented a new type of magnetic tape that can hold 317 billion bits per square inch. (Lantz, 2020) That is a lot of data in small area. Magnetic tape can hold a data in a smaller footprint. This type of data storage will be able to meet the data demand and keep a smaller ecological footprint as well. It can also enable cheaper data storage in the cloud for consumers and businesses alike.

 Packet switching is a way to get data from one node to another node by breaking up the data into smaller packets. This is a way to ensure that data reaches its intended target even if one node fails. It offers automatic rerouting of said data if a point fails. It is also a cheaper way to a build a network since you do not need to send all the data together. It can also detect if its missing a packet and request that packet.

Grace Hopper was a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral who got her Ph.D. from Yale in Math in 1934. She was a computer programmer who worked on the Mark 1, an early computer in WWII, she also wrote the user manual for the computer as well. What she is most well known for is the COBOL computer language of the 1960s and 1970s. She helped invent and promote the language for the private sector and the military. She worked with the navy to help standardize their computer languages. In 1991 President Bush awarded her the National Medal of Technology, which is the highest award in the nation for technology, she was the first women to receive that award.


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Lantz, M. (2021, January 7). Hybrid clouds will rely on magnetic tape for decades to come. IBM Research Blog. Retrieved February 22, 2022, from https://www.ibm.com/blogs/research/2020/12/tape-density-record/

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