writing assignment

Part I:  Please answer the following questions using mainly the biblical readings.

What does each of the biblical readings tell one about the nature of God? Using key examples from the biblical readings try to give a description of who this God is as described in Genesis, Exodus, Joshua Judges. What kind of power does he have? How is that power reflected in what Genesis and Exodus say about the nature of God? What sorts of things is he concerned with? (Be sure to quote the texts to support what you say.)  How is this view of God developed in Judges and Joshua?

  1. What does it mean to have faith in this kind of God? How does the covenant help us to better understand the nature of faith? Give us two examples. What is sin and why is it a problem? Why is each sin an act of idolatry? Explain. Give three examples of idolatry from the texts. What do these texts tell one about God and faith?