Writing Assignment – Authorization vs. Authentication

Assignment Guidelines:
For this assignment, you are going to compare and contrast authentication and authorization.  These two concepts are discussed in Chapter 2 of your textbook Cybersecurity Essentials.  In your paper, you are to address these areas:
1) The differences and similarities of authorization and authentication.
2) While both authentication and authorization are required to work together, which one is more secure (i.e., has the possibility of stronger security controls) in your opinion?  Remember this is your opinion, but if you find some reference to make your point more credible, please include it in your paper.
3) At least 2 examples of authorization controls and at least 2 examples of authentication controls.  Please try to find different ones than the textbook discusses.
4) Provide an example of a cybersecurity attack that targeted authentication and also authorization.  They can be the same attack for each system, but if you can find two different attacks, that is best. 
Use Times New Roman, 12-font for the letter format.  
Like all writing assignments, this letter should be saved to Canvas in a PDF format.
Ensure you cite your references using the APA style format. 
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