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APA Format The Good/Bad Old Days Assignment

The psychology department requires that each student in Psychology 41 complete a paper.  You may NOT use a paper you turned in for any other class.
Write an APA format 6-page paper reviewing your experiences during adolescence. Your paper should address significant issues and life events that you experienced during adolescence and the effect these events and issues had on you at the time and may currently still have. (Issues that should be addressed include alcohol/drug use, peer pressure, sexuality, body image, family dynamics, etc.) How did issues of diversity affect your adolescence? Discussion of at least two developmental Theories (Freud, Erikson, Piaget, Bandura, Kohlberg, Gilligan) must be integrated into your paper. Show how the theories can be used to explain your behavior. For example, you may want to discuss how social learning theory may explain your involvement with certain friends. References should be used in regard to your discussion of theories. Please focus on one or two theories. Also, make sure you only discuss your ADOLESCENCE.
You must use at least 2 references. When you are using someone elses work to write your paper, you must give them credit. You must cite your references in every paragraph of your paper; this should be done in APA format (see www.apastyle.org and the way your textbook is written).  APA format means you include the authors last name and the year of publication ONLY of the article inside parentheses when you are referencing the work they presented. The following is an example of a sentence from a paper on depression:  Many times depression is linked to anxiety (Myers, 2007). The important thing to remember here is NOT TO PLAGIARIZE the information. CITE your references in EVERY paragraph, and USE YOUR OWN WORDS! Please do not copy word for word from your references unless you put it in quotation marks.  You may not use quotes longer than one sentence, and you may not have more than five quotes in the paper.
You should have a title page, abstract, and reference page.

My personal information for this assignment, 
I am a 22 years old male, I came from Beijing. The stated USA about 7 years. Went to High school here.