wthics dq3

Ethical Scenario: Beep Beep
            The IV pump of a patient starts to beep signaling an occlusion in the IV line. A nursing assistant notices the alarm and alerts the nurse on duty. Nursing assistants do not have the authority to stop the blockage, this must be done by a nurse. Thirty minutes later the nurse has still not come in to investigate the situation. The nursing assistant goes looking for the nurse again and finds her watching a much-anticipated television episode in the break room. The pump continues to beep, and the patient begins to hit the call light each time the alarm rings. Repeated attempts to get the nurse in the room are unsuccessful. Frustrated, the nurse assistant shuts the pump off to keep it from beeping and to keep the patient happy (by turning off the noisy pump) until the nurse can come in and fix the problem. Forty-five minutes later the nurse comes in the room, checks the IV and notices that the catheter is unable to flush. Due to the delay, the patient’s body has now formed a blood clot. The hospital has now started an investigation for this situation and each individual involved will have to make a decision based on their personal ethics, rules and regulations, and personal decision on how they explain the order of events.
The nurse is now at risk of getting terminated as this situation has caused a safety issue for the patient. The Nursing Assistant saw her in the breakroom watching television and attempted to get her to help the patient multiple times.
1) Did the nurse violate a code of ethics in causing risk or harm to a patient?
2) Is this considered reckless behavior on the nurse’s part? why or why not
3) Do we consider disciplinary action, or do we terminate the nurse based on her moral and ethical behavior?
4) Does this scenario have an ethical or legal component?