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Upload your final draft for the Literary Analysis #2 here. Please check that your MLA style is correct (always use Purdue OWL as a reference) and that you have 1000-1500 words, excluding your header, title (you should have a creative title that reflects your essay’s content and overall message), and works cited page.
Your final draft should reflect some revision after reading through my feedback and any critiques you may have received from classmates. Make certain that you have referenced 4-6 secondary sources, and at least two of these sources are either database sources or books/eBooks. Your primary source (the text you’re analyzing) should also be listed in your works cited page.
You should have chosen a writer who produced works anywhere from America’s beginnings to 1865.
Remember that you will NOT have an opportunity to revise this essay for a better grade, so make certain that you submit a polished essay that has been revised and proofread.