YOU PREVIOUSLY WORKED ON THIS ORDER BACK IN APRIL, I HAVE ATTACHED THE PAPER,. BELOW IS THE FEEDBACK FROM MY PROFESSOR, CAN YOU PLEASE REVISE AS PER FEEDBACK;You try to include too many different themes and ideas in this small research project and it resuls the lack of a focus for the paper.Please focus on the main theme, which in my understanding is to discuss how social media (or media – choose one) impacts on people’s beauty standards especially for teenagers. If this is correct, you do not need to study how ill-formed standards affect people’s physical and mental health. In other words, the effect of beauty standard would be a different causal relation to test.For your topic, you should only focus on explore one causal relation: why media or social media is able to impact on people’s beauty standards.For your topic, thus, you need the data to prove people’s beauty standards are largely learned from media or social media (again choose only one to focus on).Please reorganize your discussions: some are empirical evidence that should be put in “Findings” and analysis of the causal relation (why media has such a power) should be in “Analysis” section.For the finding section, it is good that you intend to organize them with different subsections. However, you need to logically divide them by their different aspects.The discussion in the first pargraphy is poorly orgainzed. Please revise and include it in the introduction section. As pointed out, you need to be procise about the concepts you use: whether it is beauty or beauty standard; whether is media or social media (from what you put it seems about media; if so, focus on it and get rid of the discussion about social media). Also, I assume you study what happened in the U.S. If so, why do you mention “western culture”? In a word, please make clear the logical connections among each idea.About sociological theory, it is good that you include them. However, you need to choose only one theory or concept or approach, not including too many. I don’t think this study is a micro-level study. Your understanding of conflict theory is not accurate. I suggest you consider media as a social institution. Adopting an institutional approach you explain why media has such a power.You need to reorganize your literature review in a more logical way by probably separating two possible themes in the existing research: how they influence and what is the influence. Again, pay attention to the logical connection among different ideas.THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL ORDER.You previously worked on this order, as a research proposal, now its time to write the actual paper.Research Paper:1) You need to have a sociological research topic and argument.2) You need to identify and discuss one of the sociological theoretical paradigms orconcepts we have discussed in the class to show your own understanding.3) You need to use the secondary data you collect from scholarly and journalist articlesto support your argument.4) You need to be analytical: use the chosen theoretical paradigm or concepts to explainthe causal relations behind social phenomenon you study.Other requirements:1) You need to give your paper a title that catches the main idea of the paper.Please avoid writing only the summaries of each article you use for the paper.Length: 5-6 pages of discussion, which excludes cover page and reference page.Cite correctly though you can either use APA.What you need to further clarify are the following:1) Measure the view of beauty. You did mention how men and women view ideal body types and fashion (the type of clothing). That is good. Please explictly point out they are used to measure the “view”.2) Measure mass media – do you mean TV programs advertisement, anything else?3. Using conflict theory as an analytic tool is certainly relevant. You don’t need to do the actual analysis yet as you havenot collected data; but you need to make the target clearer: you want to examine why mass media has such an influential power.4. You already have searched for relevant scholarly articles. When reading these articles, please also pay attention not just their arguments but also the data they use to support their arguments.THIS IS THE FORMAT THE RESEARCH PROPOSAL NEEDS TO BE IN, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS FORMAT,OR ELSE I CAN NOT ACCEPT THE PROPOSAL.ALSO VERY IMPORTANT, I HAVE ATTACHED A FEW PAGES WITH DIFFERENT THEORETICAL CONCEPTS, PLEASE CHOOSE ONE TO EXPLAIN THE PHENOMENON.Research ProposalTentative title:What social phenomenon you are going to study:Hypothesized causes:What theoretical concept do you plan to use to explain:Research plan:Bibliography:
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